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Since having treatments my back is pain-free which is amazing. The treatment is so relaxing too which has been great for my mental health.

– Leah

I can’t thank Sarah enough, the moment I met her she gave off this calm and relaxing aura that instantly made me feel at ease, as my first ever visit back in 2019 I was not in a good place I first had a head, neck and shoulder massage then Sarah told me about Reiki. So on my second visit I tried it and it was truly amazing and it helped me so much and I would recommend it to anyone. I then decided to have Reflexology with Reiki which I have on a regular basis and it is magical hands. Sarah truly is a beautiful person inside and out and makes my stresses and strains of everyday life disappear, everyone needs a Sarah in their lives she truly is the lady with the magical hands

– Tracey C