NEPIP & Inner Intention Reflexology

What is NEPIP & Inner IntentionTechnique?

This treatment is exclusive to Level 5 practitioners in the UK, it is a unique treatment routine that is an effective procedure for accessing the nervous system, endocrine system and immune system through specific techniques on the feet then also linking powerful focussed intent by you and your therapist which is working with the mind-body connection.

The NEPIP routine focuses on the body systems that are most affected by the stress response.

To make this sequence even more powerful we add in focussed intent, guided visualisation and affirmations. This really enhances the mind/body connection and for the first time, people can feel the blocked energy in their body’s release. The two work in harmony to create the perfect bespoke healing session for any client.


  • Stress managment
  • Tool for tackling high-stress levels
  • Reduction of the impact of persisent stress on the body


Inner Intent & NEPIP Treatment 

60 minutes (approx)


The session includes an Energy balancing to close the treatment.


Won’t go anywhere else now, oh and she’s the only person who can touch my feet without getting kicked 😂

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